I'm honored to help so many people on their journey. Read what my clients are saying!


Merete M.

I'd never worked with anyone like Chrissy before, and while I'm really open to the idea of letting intuition guide my life - I've always felt a bit skeptical about the idea of a "psychic." Chrissy blew me away - she was incredibly direct and specific, and helped me to clarify a particularly confusing and painful situation in my personal life. She cut through all the BS and gave me a very clear sense of myself in the world and how to move forward, in a way that I instantly knew to be accurate and true in my own heart. Talking with Chrissy feels like have a coffee or a drink with an old friend - who just happens to know you better than you know yourself and doesn't waste any time getting to the hear of the matter! Thank you Chrissy, can't wait to talk again. 

Allison M.

Chrissy really does have a gift. She understands how to put aside her own agenda in order to channel the messages intended for her clients - that is one of the hardest things to learn how to do for any psychic, empath, or intuitive. The fact that she naturally knows how to step aside is a testament to her innate talent. She is safe and judgement free - all of her words come from a place of love. That being said, she is not in the business of skipping over any unpleasant or controversial messages, but rather, she knows how to deliver them so they serve her clients' highest good. Chrissy is authentic and transparent, but best of all, she's lots of fun! Let this testimonial dissolve any hesitations you might have about working with Chrissy - or any psychic - and book yourself some time to connect with her. You will be so very happy that you did.

Natalie L.

My reading with Chrissy was incredible.  Fairly immediately, she picked up on the relationship dynamics in my present as well as childhood wounds and patterns.  She is direct, warm, funny, and incredibly insightful.  I came to Chrissy wanting clarity around career trajectory, my artistic practice, and issues in my romantic relationship.  She was able to uncover some of the root causes contributing to the creative blocks I was feeling, as well as offer practical and straightforward advice.  She pointed out a childhood pattern (shrinking to avoid parental judgement for wanting attention) which really clarified some of the reasons I've been feeling blocked and fearful about art-making.  It's a gift to feel truly seen and understood by anyone, let alone someone you've never met.  I'm so grateful for the time, energy and care she put into our session, and I can't wait for my next one.  Thank you Chrissy!

Ned T.

Speaking with Chrissy changed my relationship with my long-term creative project. Somehow she was able to pinpoint where I was getting in my own way and how to move forward to the next stage of this project. It was immeasurably helpful!! She's funny, kind, and down-to-earth. Our session was like talking to old friend who happen to have a deep insight into my processes/bad habits/hang ups. Can't say enough good things!

Philip R.

My first session with Chrissy was rewarding in so many ways. Her empathy and humility are perfectly in harmony with her straightforward assertions. She has a way of tying so many distinctive truths together into a larger picture, which made the entire session feel so much more personal, affirming, and whole. Looking back at my pages of notes, I can re-read them and shout in my head, “YES! YES! YES!”. Phrases circled around five times, words scribbled huge on the page, naturally mirroring the excitement and bewilderment I had during my session. There were some comedic moments where she would tell me something so downright true about my character that I had to laugh at the sheer exposé. I truly feel like after my session, I can look at myself with more kindness, and utilize tools going forward that she helped me actualize. Chrissy was so spot on, to the point of me being a bit speechless. Her compassion, humor, and relaxed openness made her someone I could FULLY trust communicating with. 

Regina D.

I am currently healing from an abusive 8 year relationship and am 17 months and counting into a traumatic divorce. I am in the process of healing, finding, and redefining myself so that I can be a better example for my daughter. I am breaking the cycle of generational abuse for the sake of my daughter. I recently started therapy and I found Chrissy and a discount code on Instagram. A close family member went to a psychic years ago and I have wondered about her experience ever since. I decided now was a good time as ever to meet Chrissy. I was obviously guarded for my first visit but I left thoroughly impressed. I would say that the majority of what Chrissy said I already knew to be true.  Chrissy impressed the skeptic in me because I didnt tell her anything about me. I just let her talk and her insight into who I am was stunning. She reframed everything with her perspective so I have a fresh perspective on all these issues that have been weighing me down. Chrissy was very respectful and conscientious. I look forward to doing business with her in the future.

Maggie C.

Clarity, clarity, CLARITY! Chrissy is amazing at what she does. My session was a perfect mix between her telling me stuff I truly, in my heart of hearts, already knew (hello intuition) and things she/Spirit saw for me in my future. Her ability to nail my relationship with a significant person in my life with such accuracy left me in tears. I recommend watching her IGTV stories to get a better idea of her personality before booking. Chrissy is not someone to let you off easy. If she see’s a problem, she will address it. Basically what I’m saying, is that if you want to speak with someone who is just going to make you feel good and not give you any concrete things you need to focus on to improve your life, she may not be for you. The good comes with the bad and everything in-between. All this is to say: this bitch is good. I’m already finding a time to book my next session.

Victoria F.

I left from my time with Chrissy in a space filled with peace. I haven’t been able to have that for a long time. Despite it being a naturally emotional session, I was met with love, respect and empathy. Most of all I was reminded to trust my intuition. I had forgotten how important she is. Thank you so very much. 

Candice A.

In a perfect world, I would talk to Chrissy every day. No, seriously. From the moment our call connected I felt like I was talking to a friend even though it was our first time talking. She was thorough in her explanations and asked questions to dig deeper when things weren’t fully connecting. She was genuine even when telling me things I didn’t necessarily want to hear, but needed to hear, she did it in a way that made me feel at ease with the answers I received. She knew things that only I knew and assured me that I was making the best life decisions for myself.  When our session ended I was left with a little pep in my step knowing that I had just exchanged energy with such a cool ass woman. I am looking forward to a long standing relationship with Chrissy not only for her gifts, but as a person as well.  

Kris J.

Chrissy and I immediately found common ground within the first 2 minutes of speaking. I have completed two sessions with her, and I can say that she has brought immediate clarity in my life that I never expected to have. When we talk, I feel like she's a friend that has known me my whole life. She knows intimate details about my personality only close friends and family members would know. I respect and trust her guidance fully, to give me the courage to be my best self and thrive!

Lauren F.

My first session with Chrissy was fantastic and has had me thinking about the context of our conversation ever since. The session was the perfect balance of professionalism and comforting casualness. Chrissy cares about her work and her clients, demonstrated with the enthusiastic delivery of her observations. Chrissy also listens as much as she talks, which helped me get to the root of the my (personal) concern. I wholeheartedly recommend Chrissy whether you are new to physic work or have a long history.

Genevieve W.

Chrissy was highly recommended to me by a friend, so I knew it would be an amazing reading -- but I honestly was not prepared for how on-point and wonderful she was. I've thought of things that Chrissy said during our session every day since. She had INCREDIBLE insight -- I felt like she gave me the keys for like, ten different annoying locked doors in my life! I've never spoken to a psychic before and didn't know that it was even possible to receive the level of specificity and detail that Chrissy brought. Also -- she told me what someone in my life needed from me, something I hadn't really thought of before, and days later that person told me exactly what Chrissy said they were feeling. I can't wait to work with her again!

Hannah I.

I am so grateful to have received an hour of Chrissy's energy and insight. She made me feel seen and heard. She brought the importance of small things that I've brushed aside to my attention, and encouraged me in a warm and genuine way. After our session I felt instantly lighter, and things that Chrissy said continued to resonate with me for days. She radiates kindness and understanding. Time spent with her is like a hug for your soul. I'll be back for more!

Joelee M.

Chrissy was amazing! She was right on about everything and it provided me so much more clarity on my thoughts and feelings. So much of what we spoke about resonated in a way that I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me immediately. Chrissy is a warm and empathetic soul, and offered such a beautiful and safe space and experience.  I will be back and have encouraged others to reach out to her. 

Holly G.

My session with Chrissy was comfortable, but full of helpful discussion and intuitive advice. My time with her was most valuable because she started conversations with me that I couldn't start with myself. Chrissy is compassionate but honest, and even funny! I'll be scheduling another session soon, and recommending her to friends and loved ones.

Monica R.

My session with Chrissy was emotional and amazing— like tears and all! She’s the real deal. She just spoke to me about everything I’ve been longing to know for so long now. She listened and gave me great advice. I was so nervous in the beginning, but Chrissy’s warm, welcoming, and funny personality quickly eliminated any doubts I had. I can’t wait for my next appointment!

Bianca H.

Chrissy was super dope. My reading with her confirmed many thoughts that I’ve been having with myself for literally years. She’s sweet, very down to earth, and as genuine as can be. She’s very relatable and she makes sure you understand in the most easiest way. Thank you so much Chrissy, you’ve helped put to rest so many doubts with myself! Definitely recommended, and definitely getting a reading from her again!

Mary S.

I felt heard. I felt held. I felt like it was part psychic reading, part coaching, part real talk, and all compassion. I didn't realize I needed to hear permission to do certain things until Chrissy said those things out loud. At the end of our session, Chrissy even gave me optional action steps, which were incredibly helpful. Our conversation help me feel seen, and I got an answer to the question, "Now what do I do with this information?" I look forward to scheduling another session!

Kerrie W.

Sweet, loving, and sharp! Chrissy really helped me clarify some big questions I had on the direction I should be heading in my life. She helped me accept and understand how I am keeping myself from having what I want, and living my full potential. She definitely knew things about me that made me wonder if she was reading my journal... She's got it. Thank you, Chrissy! 

Melisa D.

Chrissy Tolley is 100% the real deal, and myself and so many women that I know go to her and trust her for her guidance and insights. As the owner of a local metaphysical shop, I have worked with Chrissy professionally, as well as personally, and she has been a total pleasure to work with in all respects. I don't hesitate to book an appointment with Chrissy any time I need some help working through something, and highly recommend her services to anybody else who is looking for a psychic friend to guide them through a tough spot. Go book with Chrissy now. Don't hesitate another second.

Jacqueline M.

My session with Chrissy was amazing. She provided me with the closure that I have been yearning for the last six years since my father had passed away. Until recently, I never believed he was with me, Chrissy was able to confirm that he is always with me through her gifted abilities to connect with the spiritual world. Not only that, Chrissy was able to hone in on the past, who I was then, and where I am going now. She provided me with the confidence I need to be successful in my future. Always being a person of doubt, she guided me by confirming what I may be feeling in my life, is accurate. She was honest in her abilities and gift. I am hooked, addicted, like a massage therapist, I am itching to see her again. Thank you Chrissy.    

Laura D.

Words cannot describe the specificity with which Chrissy leads her readings. Chrissy offers clarity and sound advice when unearthing deep traumas that have been suppressed or otherwise dismissed.  She offers an elevated sense of humility when recognizing said traumas and suggests practical methods for one to personally acknowledge and evolve with the new knowledge fixed to your personal history. Her readings, above all else, are full of light and love leaving you filled to the brim with self assurance and a new found agency to choose joy.

Isabel H.

Chrissy is truly amazing! Her intuition is so incredibly spot on, she knew so much about my life without asking any questions. Her personality and readings are energizing, positive (even about things that are hard), and very proactive. I came out of my session feeling confident to take action on some life blocks that I've been struggling with for years! Also, Chrissy mentioned that I don't drink caffeine off-hand and said maybe I should consider some or doing a few things to pep me up over the next few weeks. Later that day (with no caffeine) I nodded off while driving. It was brief and nothing happened but just an example of how much this girl knows. We are lucky to be in this world with Chrissy and experience her incredible gifts. Thank you Chrissy!

Patri W.

The word "psychic" just doesn't cover Chrissy's warm and on-point intuition. She covered exactly what I asked for and then some! She was very reassuring and not only told me what my trajectory was but gave me actual dates to look forward to and told me what to watch out for. I left not only feeling good about myself and my direction but also feeling extremely empowered. I have no hesitation about going back to this amazing spirit guide! 

Dhara S.

Chrissy is warm, high-energy and extremely welcoming. She is also kind, perceptive and piercingly truthful. I arrived with the intent to discuss certain areas of my life that felt blocked and unfulfilling - Chrissy addressed these issues thoroughly, helpfully and with an obvious resolve to help me achieve my highest good. She was very gentle with me when certain sad and painful episodes and feelings came up, but she was not afraid to tell me difficult truths. I left feeling lighter and more hopeful than I have in months. I love that I know I can turn to her in the future if I feel I need a guide through a difficult decision. I can't recommend her enough. 

Eric S.

Chrissy is, very purely, gifted and skilled. This was my first experience with a psychic, and it had never before crossed my mind to seek something like this. But a trusted friend suggested that she might be able to help me identify the source of a painful pattern in my life. Chrissy delivered! She is very accurate and able to tell me things that no one (including me) knew at the time, just as all the other reviews say. What I find even more remarkable is that she is also very pragmatic. She encouraged me to record the session to listen to again. She  checked in with me to make sure we were covering the things I needed to explore, and not just things that were being shown to her. She took time to explain her statements, so I could turn them into tools and make the most of her insights. She is also humble, genuine, open, and isn't afraid to put a light on her own challenges as a way of creating context for the hard to hear truths she was delivering to me. Chrissy's clarity and insights have been incredibly helpful and pushed me to shed a few layers and start my next big phase of personal growth. I am most grateful.

Anne K.

My session with Chrissy was mind-blowing! She knew very personal things about me without asking me questions or digging for information. She actually didn't ask me very many questions, she just told me a whole bunch of real details about my life that gave me insight and clarity. She told me specific things that were going to happen, and one happened only two weeks after I saw her! She had given me some suggestions on how to handle it when it happened, which ended up being really helpful. Chrissy is down-to-earth, with a fiery spark and a great sense of humor. I'll definitely be seeing her again!

One of the things I appreciate most about Chrissy is her genuine, thoughtful presence. She delivers messages clearly and with authority. She asks questions. She listens, to the client and the guides. Even during a short reading, I left feeling like I had been seen. She gave me access to new helpful guidance as well as sharing insights that affirmed my own inner wisdom. 

Lisa O.

First, Chrissy clearly explained the process to me, and then she dove right in. She connected with parts of me that had been nudging at my thoughts recently and helped to shed new light and a different perspective on what was going on, as well as connect dots that I hadn't been able to yet. She was so positive, and caring, and enthusiastic--I came away from the session inspired and enlightened. I look forward to working with her again. 

Angie B.

Dalaena R.

As my first ever reading, I could not have had a better experience with Chrissy. I was nervous at first, but she was engaging and incredibly sincere, which made me feel comfortable and safe. She brought up subjects that I have internally struggled with for years and gave me peace of mind about them. By the end of the session, I had learned more about myself and my interactions with other people. Chrissy made me feel validated and reassured about my decisions in life and has inspired me to be aware of how I treat myself. These lessons have instilled in me a newfound confidence and pride that have already shaped my personal growth journey. Hearing about the future can be scary, but she presented it in a way that made me excited about what's yet to come. 

I truly don’t know how to put into words my experience with Chrissy! If I could, I’d meet with her every morning for a little daily pep-talk! This was my first meeting with Chrissy and I walked into her space full of nerves and anxiety. Almost instantly, those worries and fears melted away. Chrissy gave me a new insight in so many issues and experiences I’ve gone through and those I’m prepping for the future. Since my meeting, my outlook has softened and I feel more at peace and reassured. Thank you Chrissy!!! I can not wait until my next meeting…I’ve already called all my girlfriends, urging them to make appointments. :) 

Marcy E.

The mere twenty-two minutes I spent with Chrissy were the most clear, insightful, and healing minutes I’ve ever experienced. I can’t say anyone has ever reached me the way she did; she knew things about me that I didn’t even know, and connected dots that I didn’t even know were connectable. I really can’t wait to see her again. 

Brenna S.

Kathy C.

I followed my intuition and called Chrissy for an appointment. I was at ease as soon as I arrived. I needed a bit of clarification about several subjects and without my asking she addressed them. Chrissy is clear in her knowing, kind, funny, with a warm inviting persona. By the time I left I felt I had a new friend. She had several suggestions on how I could improve my life. I never hesitated to implement them when I got home. I was happy to have another perspective. I left inspired. I will go back again. So glad I found her. 

Staci S.

I stumbled upon Chrissy unexpectedly and I am so grateful that I did. Chrissy has an amazing energy. Spend one hour with her and it’s like you’ve known each other for years. She is skilled, gifted and humble. I left my sessions with her feeling blessed, grateful and accountable. Chrissy is someone you want on your team of healers and practitioners. Not to mention, she is just a cool ass chick. She knows what she’s doing and I have the utmost respect for her, and the powerful work she’s done with me! 

Jose Carlos Z.

Clarity, clarity, clarity! After spending the last few years of my life uncertain of whether or not I was making the right life choices and career paths, Chrissy helped me find the alignment I needed. Being my first experience with a psychic, and one over a FaceTime call at that, I was hesitant and fearful of what I would happen. However, within seconds of starting the reading Chrissy tapped right into my world and was able to tell me how it is with detail and specificity. I left the reading with a clearer path moving forward and any skepticism behind. Plus, her straight forward conversation style ensures that every penny and moment you spend with her is worthwhile. I can’t recommend Chrissy’s psychic healing services enough! 

Chrissy is the REAL DEAL! I have never had a psychic session and while I didn’t have any doubts, I was delightfully surprised at how spot on she and her guides were. Chrissy immediately made me feel welcome, safe and like I was talking to a friend. I laughed, cried, and left feeling a deep sense of peace. I have already recommended her services to several friends and will 100% be returning! 

Tamara W. 

After feeling like I was in a fog for months, Chrissy knocked me right back in touch with my spirit. She won't tell you what you want to hear, but she will tell you what you need to hear, the kind of truth that feels a little uncanny and, like, sigh, of course. Don't wear mascara to this appointment, and get ready to fiercely re-join the life that's been calling you. 

Kati S.

Tria A. 

I made an appointment with Chrissy partly because I was curious and also because I have friends who swear by her. I was having a particularly emotional day and I burst into tears the moment I sat down. Chrissy was reassuring, confident, intuitive and just plain awesome! She made me feel hopeful when I was feeling very hopeless. I cried some more, I laughed, and she validated me in a way that was desperately needed. She was professional and yet it felt like I was talking to a best friend. Also, her facial expressions are amazing! Her passion and gifts really shine through. I love her transparency. No sugar-coating whatsoever! I also got immediate satisfaction from our session, as we were able to plan out some concrete next steps for my situation. I highly recommend Chrissy to anyone who is seeking more insight or guidance in their life.

Lindsey S. 

I booked an appointment with Chrissy on a whim after my friend told me about a session she had recently had with her. I’m normally a skeptic, but was looking for guidance on some personal goals for myself and thought meeting with Chrissy was worth a shot.  As soon as she asked me what I wanted to talk about I immediately started crying (how embarrassing) but Chrissy has the type of presence that makes you feel comfortable being honest and open. The session helped me to find clarity on how I should move forward with my plans and I’m very grateful for Chrissy’s help. She mentioned a few things that gave me goosebumps. Overall I had a great experience and am definitely going to meet with Chrissy again to explore some other areas of my life. Thank you, Chrissy

Keeley M. 

Chrissy truly has a gift. I had a reading with her recently and I went into it being very nervous. Why? Who knows. But once I got on the phone with her, those nerves melted away in 30 seconds. Not only is Chrissy a compassionate and caring psychic, it is obvious she is there for YOU. I had told her I didn’t have anything specific I wanted to know or talk about (but obviously, I had some in my head, which she IMMEDIATELY addressed). I kept saying “How do you know this?!” It was such an incredible experience. Through talking with her, she helped me to see different perspectives of situations, which I took seriously and I have started to put a little more love, a little more attention, and a little more care into some of those things. It opened up my eyes in a different way and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with Chrissy. She’s an incredible person, I look forward to watching her succeed, as I know she will.

Kati S. 

After feeling like I was in a fog for months, Chrissy knocked me right back in touch with my spirit. She won't tell you what you want to hear, but she will tell you what you need to hear, the kind of truth that feels a little uncanny and, like, sigh, of course. Don't wear mascara to this appointment, and get ready to fiercely re-join the life that's been calling you. 

Lisa M.

Chrissy was recommended by my best friend.  I knew instantly when I heard about my friend’s reading that I needed to speak to this gifted soul.  Chrissy was very honest and down-to-earth when she did my reading.  I appreciate her coming right out and getting the message across that I needed to hear at that time.  Speaking with Chrissy has helped in what direction I need to take in my life-- I was so surprised by her accuracy on me and those around me.  I can’t wait until my next reading with her!

Hannah R.

"I am not joking when I say I am pretty certain Chrissy read straight into my SOUL within the first 2 minutes of sitting down with her. She tapped right into the things that were causing me the most stress, and helped me to reframe these thoughts in ways that allowed me to move forward on things that had been keeping me stuck for quite awhile. Chrissy challenged me to try new things that I hadn't considered, and gave me nuggets of inspiration that I am incredibly grateful for. I honestly have told everyone and anyone who will listen to me about how much this 20 minute session woke me up, and gave me some serious fire and inspiration. Chrissy is incredible and I am very grateful for her light in my life!"

Katie G.

"My appointment with Chrissy was the first time I'd been to a psychic or medium. I was struggling with feeling stuck and confused. Chrissy was very thorough in explaining how everything worked and really helped me feel comfortable throughout the process. I was surprised at some of the things she mentioned and they were right on target. She highlighted several things I had been struggling with and was able to provide insight and connections that really helped me gain movement in my journey as soon as I walked out the door. She was also extremely kind, encouraging and supportive. I will definitely be back! "

Alice W.

“Chrissy made me feel instantly at home. We did a short reading together and she hit the ground running with what was first and foremost in my mind. She gave me clear and concise advice. She was also able to see not only me, but a very important person in my life and hit our connection and purpose together spot-on. I had always suspected that I was supposed to protect this person, and she validated it. I can’t see how she would have known other than through a very clear channel! Perhaps it is because I am so direct myself; but I really enjoyed how she does not beat around the bush. If you’re ready for a clear reflection of where you are and some good advice, get in touch with Chrissy!”

Angela G.

“I very much enjoyed my time and reading with Chrissy, she has a good energetic spirit! When she was doing a reading for my friend [at an event], she touched on some things that I KNOW she couldn't have known about, so of course, my interest was piqued. I enjoyed very much how she was able to hone in on aspects of life that I was worried about without making me feel judged, she validated a lot of what I was feeling, she also knew how to speak on stuff that I secretly worry about, and having that outside insight helped show me where my actions and mindset were working and where they can be better. If given the chance for a reading with her, go for it!”

Lily S.

"I have had several readings with Chrissy and there is no doubt that she’s the real deal. Chrissy has a gift, and the fact that she’s chosen to use it to help people shouldn’t be taken for granted. She is kind, warm, and genuine, and instantly makes you feel ease. Before I met with Chrissy, I was stagnant, caught in a cycle of indecision and unresolved trauma. Following my readings, I finally have a sense of purpose and a connection to my deeper self that I’ve pushed away for so long. Make no mistake, if you’re seeking direction, if you’re looking to heal your life, only you can make that happen. But if you don’t know where to start, if you’re missing guidance from the other side, Chrissy will fill in the blanks. I really can’t recommend her enough, if you’re a skeptic, Chrissy will change your mind. "

Amanda G.

"Seeing Chrissy for a reading was exactly what I needed. I feel strongly that I heard exactly what I needed to hear to move forward. Since my reading I have felt lighter, happier, and more confident in my direction. She also gave me some nuggets to chew on that I'm still contemplating. The best part has been sharing the messages I received, and impacting my friends as well. It's the ripple effect! Be open and listen, be prepared to receive and it will be a GIFT. "

Jenny W.

"My session with Chrissy completely reset my life. She calmly and effectively gave me strategies and perspective on things that were troubling me AND things I didn't realize were troubling me... I immediately took action and have felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. I can't recommend Chrissy enough (in fact I do all the time! :)). "

Sierra O.

"Chrissy was like a breath of fresh air on a hot day. She flooded me with information. Normally I would be on overload, yet this time it was like having a meeting with my angelic support team. Days later I am pondering and integrating. Chrissy is hilarious, heartfelt, and real! I am curious to see how all of this unfolds. Thank you for leaning into the human experience with me. "

Jordan W.

"I was lucky enough to catch Chrissy at St. Philips several weeks ago. I was about to end an 8-year career in the Air Force and had questions about what life had in store for me. I was ill-prepared for the outstanding accuracy with which Chrissy delivered her insights and observations about my future. I was facing a difficult choice about where to pursue grad school, and instead of the expected pedantry of "how it was 'my choice'," Chrissy delivered a succinct and precise judgement, before explaining why it was so. Chrissy is an impressive person and will tell you what your soul needs to hear, if you'll allow her."

Hank M.

"Okay so let me tell you a thing about this Chrissy Tolley person right here. I’ve always had a weird relationship with the spiritual side of life. I grew up Catholic and had this weird thing about anything spiritual. As I grew up, I realized that I wanted to learn more and open myself up to the world. It’s still something I struggle with to this day. A good friend of mine dragged me along to a flea market one day and made me sit in on her reading with Chrissy. Words cannot describe how blown away I was by the insights that Chrissy brought to the table. I was so enthralled and intrigued, I had to go back the next day to get my own reading. And let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions of my life. Chrissy doesn’t tell you what to do with your life. She doesn’t tell you to sell the family farm and invest in Post-It’s. Chrissy helps you discover what it is you need in your life to not only be happy, but to progress as a person. I can honestly say without a doubt that Chrissy has helped changed my outlook on life and has made me feel like a better person overall. I know my flaws and my faults, but I also know what I bring to the table and how I can use those things to live a better life. From the random bouts of laughter to the not-so-thinly-veiled hints that I need to get my shit together, I am honored that Chrissy has helped me on my journey through life. And I can’t wait to see what my next session holds in store."

Molly K.

"My session with Chrissy was revelatory. She tapped into some issues in my life that have been bubbling up for me, but that I've been afraid to address or even acknowledge. She effortlessly explored and (gently) forced me to look at my true wants, desires, and life goals, and gave both predictions and practical advice on how to get there. The most valuable thing that came from my session with Chrissy was that I found a courage to shake some old habits that weren't serving me in exchange for the possibility of what the future holds."

Vanessa L.

"My first session with Chrissy was surprising, enlightening and profoundly comforting. Chrissy’s insight & guidance resonated so deeply with me. I love the work she does & am so happy our paths crossed! If you’re feeling drawn to working with Chrissy, I wouldn’t hesitate to move forward."

Andria J.

"Chrissy is so incredibly kind and warm hearted that meeting her for the first time felt like sitting down with an old friend. The reading she gifted me with was not only relevant and eye opening, but also brought tears to my eyes more than once. She's amazingly gifted and intuitive, and she will not beat around the bush-- an aspect of her personality that I highly respect. Receiving a reading from her is an experience I would definitely recommend."

James C.

"I'm writing this testimonial about a month after my session with Chrissy. I truly had no idea what to expect going in, and had concocted many ideas of what it could be. Right off the bat, however, Chrissy's kindness and easygoing attitude quickly changed my perspective on what I was in for. The session itself ended up being much less formal than I had imagined- and was instead surprisingly straightforward and easy. The result was practical and insightful advice, that has lead to continued guidance and healing. Through communication with my deceased (as of five years) mother, Chrissy told me about a "blue book" in my house that my mom wanted me to find. After looking, I was able to find a diary that my mom had written in the year leading up to her death, which brought many smiles and good memories back for both me and my dad. She was also able to speak with and relate to me the general well-being of a cousin who had recently committed suicide. I'm not sure how she is able to do what she does, but her talent and skill in the field is evident, and I have no doubt that she will continue to help and heal many people through her gifts."

Alejandra Z.

"From the moment I sat across from Chrissy, she made me feel like I'd known her for years. She spoke to me in a way that a sister or best friend would, all while giving me insight into my life that I never thought imaginable. She also made me face things about myself that I knew deep down, but was too afraid to face head-on, all while being so positive and supportive. She really brought peace and joy to my heart. I can't wait until I get to sit down with this magical person again. Chrissy is a desert gem."

Topher S. 

"Chrissy has an amazing intuitive gift which she combines with an extensive knowledge and wisdom of human psychology, as well as the nature and effects of trauma. With these tools and a deck of cards, she I able to connect with a deeper level of meaning and purpose. One of the best aspects of working with Chrissy is how transparent she is about her process. Even those who are skeptics by nature will find that she doesn't ask you to passively accept the things she says, but to actively engage in exploring how your personal and familial histories shape and impact your present and future."

Kelsey V.

"I recently had my first session with Chrissy and I walked away with a greater understanding of what's going on in my life plus a renewed sense of hope. Chrissy is the best friend reassuring you that you're not crazy for feeling the way you do, she just happens to use magic while she does it. She offered me resources for educating myself on spiritual gifts and I really look forward to working with her in the future. If you feel the urge to book with Chrissy, it's no coincidence. Go for it, and enjoy all the gifts she has to offer!"

Terri G.

"I had never done this type of reading before and I'm so glad Chrissy was there to guide me through it. She delivered some amazing insights and some necessary truths in a kind way. I left feeling warm and fuzzy, and processed our session for days afterward, discovering connections with my past and current behavior I hadn't noticed before. Would recommend to a friend in a heartbeat."

Katie D.

"Chrissy is nothing short of magical. I sat down as somewhat of a skeptic and left wholeheartedly believing in her ability to connect and communicate with a part of myself I didn't know was there. She touched on conflicts I was holding onto and forgiveness I need to grant. Her communication was kind and effective and I am eagerly awaiting my next session. Thank you, Chrissy!"

Janet O.

"Chrissy is amazing at what she does! I did a spontaneous reading with her during my visit to Tucson, Arizona a few months ago. She put me at ease about what I was feeling the minute I sat down with her. She touched upon issues that no one knew about me, issues I didn't even know about myself. I left the session feeling as if someone had lifted the weight of the world off my shoulder. I had more clarity on what problems I needed to tackle in my life with a better understanding that everything I went through wasn't for nothing. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to learn more!"

Julie Ann F.

"Chrissy's insight was instantly accessible and profoundly illuminating. Without providing her any information, she spoke directly to some deep and challenging dynamics that I have been struggling with, and helped me see them in a new light. Her attitude is affirming and empowering, and I can't wait to work with her again."

Brandon S.

"At a time in my life when I was in desperate need of guidance and direction, Chrissy Tolley was sent to me. She brought light the 'scariest' parts of myself with a softness and buoyancy that made them tangible, relatable, and much less scary. This is where my healing truly began and I was able to shed my past to embrace the fullest potential of my future. Chrissy's readings, interpretations, and advice change as frequently as I do and still shock me in their ever current accuracy, all the while leading me to my greatest self. She has changed my life. Thank you, Chrissy."

Jack D.

"I was so blown away by my first meeting with Chrissy that I tracked her down just a few days later at a local fair in Tucson so my boyfriend could have a mini-session with her. Both he and I were astounded by her gifts, and comforted by her grace and understanding. My father passed away nearly nine years ago and through Chrissy I was able to receive comfort and hear words from him that I thought I’d never get the chance to. I am so beyond thankful to Chrissy for her insight and guidance. She is truly magic."

Aiden A.

"Chrissy's readings are shockingly accurate and truly healing. A few months ago, I went to the doctor after one of Chrissy's angel readings suggested I check in with a professional regarding my health-- Chrissy had no prior knowledge of any issues, but she and the angels immediately honed in on an area where I had privately been experiencing some discomfort. Sure enough, at the doctor's, I was diagnosed with a very real malady and offered treatment. This is Chrissy's magic: she understands that in order to heal, you need to be aware of where you're hurting. She has a way of compassionately bringing to light areas of pain, trauma, and anxiety so that you can understand them and begin the healing process. I've booked in-person and remote consultations for both physical and emotional problems, and every session involves the same how-does-she-do-it prophecy with kindness and wit to boot. Chrissy is an approachable, sensitive healer with a true gift."

Jaimie P. 

"I left my reading with Chrissy feeling light, grounded, and empowered to shake off deeply engrained habits that weren't serving me. From the moment I entered her space I felt calmed and welcomed, and she was incredibly thorough and astute in her observations and recommendations. Chrissy is truly gifted, not only in her keen intuition but also in her ability to meet people exactly where they are and communicate with honesty and grace. Through the angel card reading and Chrissy's insights, I felt seen, understood, and excited to actively engage in my world and create the life I want... Her lighthearted, warm, and compassionate energy is a gift in itself, and she is seriously great at what she does."

Heidi H. 

"I pre-booked a session with Chrissy a few weeks in advance and when it came time for us to meet, I tremendously needed a fresh perspective. She was able to offer raw honesty and guidance in a way that both eased my fears and provided immediate comfort. I'm so grateful to Chrissy, and I can't wait to book my next session."

John S.

"Wow! What an experience with Chrissy. I am a 60 yr-old man who has had his own spiritual experiences as a Born Again Christian so I am or was very skeptical of seeing a Psychic or Medium and to be honest when I did meet them, I would get this feeling inside of me that said "Bad News, get out of there". Well that is not the case with Chrissy. No bad vibes at all but rather a very strong vibe of empathy, caring, wanting to listen and help me. It was really like sitting down with an old friend. I walked in with my shields up, antenna on full alert, and didn't reveal very much about myself. I was the impostor...not being true to myself or to Chrissy. (Read her blogs) Well regardless of my attempts to have her prove herself to me, she totally nailed all kinds of things about me that have been weighing very heavily on my mind. It was like she was able to see into my soul and talked to me about things that were bothering me and she put me at ease and explained how I could work to resolve some of the issues. And what was really great is she told me I didn't have to quit smoking...now was not the time and I would probably resist it but I could cut how much I smoke in half. LOL...
What I can say is that Chrissy is a true healer and has an ability to see into your core and to help you with issues that you are dealing with. There is no conflict with her and my belief systems as a Christian and I believe that she has a gift to help people. Take a chance and meet with her. I am sure that you will find the true love, empathy, and care that I found radiates from her."

Lisa C.

"Chrissy was my very first experience with a psychic and I have to say I was very impressed! I tend to be very pragmatic and stoic and Chrissy not only saw straight through me, but she was able to glean very insightful and helpful information from her sources that have been helpful to me on many levels-- from my personal health to my career to my future home! All without any input from me! And she does all this wonderful work with a great sense of humor and in a manner that puts you at ease. I would recommend Chrissy to anyone who wants to 'look under the covers' and see what’s happening in their current and future life! I will be going back to Chrissy, often!"

Jordan W.

I was lucky enough to catch Chrissy at St. Philip's Plaza Farmer's Market several weeks ago. I was about to end an 8-year career in the Air Force and had questions about what life had in store for me. I was ill-prepared for the outstanding accuracy with which Chrissy delivered her insights and observations about my future. I was facing a difficult choice about where to pursue grad school, and instead of the expected pedantry of "how it was 'my choice'," Chrissy delivered a succinct and precise judgement, before explaining why it was so. Chrissy is an impressive person and will tell you what your soul needs to hear, if you'll allow her."

Kelly G.

"My reading with Chrissy was a new experience for me. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I ended up feeling such a sense of comfort and calm after hearing what she had to say. It was truly remarkable the insight she had and the ability to connect mental, emotional, and spiritual well being all together. I will most definitely recommend Chrissy to my friends and family, and I look forward to my next session with her."

Cera N.

“My session with Chrissy started with initial trepidation. I’ve had my share of 'phooey psychics' who gave generalized readings that anyone could relate to and charged way too much to tell me oversimplified predictions that never came true. But the second I started talking to Chrissy, I knew she was the real deal. Chrissy oozes comfort and made my nerves disappear instantly. She talks to you honestly, whole-heartedly and with unabashed intuition. To be honest, I barely spoke the whole time and yet she was able to dive deep into many of the worries I was having and knew things even some of my closest friends don’t. It was almost like talking to my higher self: hearing what I was afraid to acknowledge but what my subconscious really needed me to hear. If you’re being called to have a session, just do it. You won’t regret it at all.”

Chelsea C.

"My recent reading with Chrissy wasn't what I expected but definitely what I needed. She was able to tap in to aspects of my life that go deeper than surface level, things that I don't talk to anyone about and helped me work through them. I was so impressed with her ability to make connections, explain things and help guide me. Chrissy truly has a gift and made me feel so safe and hopeful. I hope to have another reading with her in a few months!"

Anablag K.

"It was a surreal, and exciting experience. What gave me goosebumps was the fact that Chrissy started telling me things that only me, my living, or dead relatives know. You can clearly tell by looking at her eyes that she is in contact with some entities only she can feel and communicate with. As a grandkid of a traditional healer, I can feel her healing energy going through my body. I would definitely recommend her."

"Chrissy really is very psychic. She knows things about your situation. In my experience with her, she was able to see straight through to the heart of the matter. Her point of view regarding whatever you're facing will be a perspective that you haven't considered, which allows a feeling of freedom. My time with Chrissy left me with more of an open mind about my challenges, and new choices surrounding them. Her work is potent and helpful."

Joanna N.

"Chrissy gave me the best reading I've ever had. I felt a strong, spontaneous pull to go get a reading, and I'm glad I did. On the way to see her, I had a few things in mind that I wanted to have addressed, and lo and behold, she addressed all of them. One interesting part of my experience was that I'd had the thought, "Watch, she's going to tell me I have cancer" (because that has actually been a fear of mine) and towards the end of the session, she said, "And no one is getting cancer!" I couldn't help but laugh. But in all seriousness, Chrissy has a natural gift. She's the real deal. As an intuitive person myself, I could see it in her eyes and feel it in her energy. If you're on the fence about getting a reading, I'd highly recommend Chrissy as a first choice."

Ashley G. 

"A reading with Chrissy Tolley will most likely make you laugh, cry, and at laugh, cry, and at some point exclaim, "I KNOW, RIGHT?!" The insight she shares is as practically informative as it is deeply and soulfully affirming. She uses her gift with great integrity and is able to connect to the heart of the matter with clarity and grace. She delivers the hard truths, the stuff we don't want to talk about or acknowledge...like needing to quit your job, the new guy you're not sure about, or that thing you've been putting off because you're too afraid. But they are easy pills to swallow because she's authentic, patient, funny, blunt, and leads with love. I leave sessions with Chrissy feeling reawakened to my purpose and reconnected to the spirit world." 

Allie M. 

Gaby D. 

"What struck me most about my reading with Chrissy was my connection with the dead. My reading provided me with a greater understanding of my active relationship with the dead, which ultimately has sparked an awareness that I carry with me in my day-to-day life."

Holly L.

"Chrissy is the real deal! I am always a little skeptical of psychic work, but I'm so glad that I booked a session with her. She was right on and really motivated me to make some changes that I know I need to make in my life. She also sent over some prayers via email for me to do on my own to continue the work that we began during my session. I highly recommend booking a session with Chrissy, you won't regret it!"

Desiree G. 

"Chrissy was amazing! She explained everything in detail and made me feel comfortable from the start. She was very direct, honest, and made me feel at ease during the reading. Our session definitely gave me a new perspective on issues that were bothering me. I can't stress enough how awesome Chrissy is!"

Briana M.

"Chrissy has helped me on multiple occasions in card readings. I was going through a rough time and needed some direction. I was dealing with difficult people in my life, and needed some direction on my career path. Her deep connections to people's emotions gives her the ability to understand what people are going through, and her work with angels and spirits uniquely enables her to give spiritual guidance in a way I have never gotten. Chrissy really cares about people and does everything she can to help. I've always left sessions feeling inspired, understood, and with a new perspective."

Fernando L.

"I met with Chrissy for an ancestor reading and she was very warm and professional as she guided me through the process. It was a new experience for me and I was extremely impressed with her capabilities! Would highly recommend. Thanks again, Chrissy!"

Cecilia H.

"Let's start with this: wow. When I first booked my session with Chrissy, I was in a state of turmoil. I was feeling incredibly lost and alone, and unable to figure out which way was up. Booking this reading was such a wonderful decision! During my session, Chrissy not only confirmed truths that I had known or long suspected, but gently and gracefully provided me with the knowledge I needed, marking the beginning of the path toward healing from my traumas. I left the session feeling lighter, brighter, and more confident in both my life path and myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Shannon L.

"My reading with Chrissy was the most fulfilling, enlightening and calming experience I’ve ever had with a psychic. She knew things that only my close family knew. She offered guidance that brought me a sense of calm and purpose. "

Emily O. 

"My reading with Chrissy was a truly amazing experience. Immediately she was able to get right to the things that worry me the most. I felt as if she approached everything with unbelievable amounts of empathy. Being vulnerable with stranger is often an uncomfortable and embarrassing experience but with Chrissy's empathy I truly felt that she knew where I was coming from and felt very safe and comfortable in the judgement free environment she created. She brought up things that I don't talk about with anyone let alone have ever said out loud to myself. These things often weigh heavy on my heart and mind and I left the session feeling lighter and more positive about my life. On top of all that Chrissy also communicated with a deceased loved one of mine which was an incredible thing. The things he communicated with her couldn't help but make me smile because they weren't all positive things he had to say but they were his real opinions that I know he would have expressed to me if he was still alive. Long story short Chrissy is amazing and very talented. I recommend everyone should have at least one reading with her!"

Lisa R. 

"What an amazingly comforting experience! I was feeling like life was a huge weight on my shoulders and after my reading with Chrissy I have come to an understanding of my spiritual strengths. I have a lot of work to do, for myself first and then for others. Thank you so very much Chrissy for your beautiful insight and for your caring attitude. I look forward to working with you again in the next few months."

Spencer G. 

"I went to see Chrissy with my partner, feeling excited but also very nervous that I wasn't going to be able to come up with the right things to say or address. I had no idea what to expect and I think that alone was what made me feel so nervous! But as soon as it was my turn to sit and work with Chrissy I realized that I didn't have to worry about being so nervous. She immediately made a connection with me and addressed some of my deepest darkest fears and some of my toughest challenges. I didn't have to say a word and she just knew exactly what was putting so much weight on my mind. She addressed these fears and these challenges with such friendly understanding, like she knew WHY I felt these ways and was telling me that things are going to be ok and that things are not as bad as they seem. She gave me hope for the future and left me with an overwhelming feeling of optimism that is still resonating within me today. I am someone that that usually spends a lot of time in their head about things but this experience has helped me see a way to get out of my head and just enjoy the present moment. This experience was exactly what I needed to start living my best life. I would highly recommend working with Chrissy as I feel you will have as equally of an amazing experience as I did but in a way that is entirely unique and meaningful to you."

Gabi U.

"Engaging, encouraging, straight-forward & considerate of your now. Chrissy offers focused, loving energy that will guide you onto your next chapter."

Ashley G.

"My reading with Chrissy was nothing less than incredible. I would have sat there for hours and hours if I could. She truly has a gift. She helped answer a lot of questions, gave me peace in my heart, and helped me make sense of things. I really like the positive vibe from her, and that she works with angels. I look forward to having more readings with her."

Czarina N. 

"I didn't know what to expect when I first reached out to Chrissy, but I can say that my first session exceeded any expectations I had. I felt very at ease with Chrissy and more than a psychic, it felt like I was talking to an old friend. She was able to pinpoint habits I needed to leave behind, passions I should continue to pursue, and she was able to show me a glimpse of the person I want and am meant to be. If you feel lost or in need of a little guidance, I highly recommend a session with Chrissy to get on the right path."