I'm honored to help so many people on their journey. Read what my clients are saying!


Molly K.

"My session with Chrissy was revelatory. She tapped into some issues in my life that have been bubbling up for me, but that I've been afraid to address or even acknowledge. She effortlessly explored and (gently) forced me to look at my true wants, desires, and life goals, and gave both predictions and practical advice on how to get there. The most valuable thing that came from my session with Chrissy was that I found a courage to shake some old habits that weren't serving me in exchange for the possibility of what the future holds." 

Vanessa L.

"My first session with Chrissy was surprising, enlightening and profoundly comforting. Chrissy’s insight & guidance resonated so deeply with me. I love the work she does & am so happy our paths crossed! If you’re feeling drawn to working with Chrissy, I wouldn’t hesitate to move forward."

Andria J.

"Chrissy is so incredibly kind and warm hearted that meeting her for the first time felt like sitting down with an old friend. The reading she gifted me with was not only relevant and eye opening, but also brought tears to my eyes more than once. She's amazingly gifted and intuitive, and she will not beat around the bush-- an aspect of her personality that I highly respect. Receiving a reading from her is an experience I would definitely recommend."

James C.

"I'm writing this testimonial about a month after my session with Chrissy. I truly had no idea what to expect going in, and had concocted many ideas of what it could be. Right off the bat, however, Chrissy's kindness and easygoing attitude quickly changed my perspective on what I was in for. The session itself ended up being much less formal than I had imagined- and was instead surprisingly straightforward and easy. The result was practical and insightful advice, that has lead to continued guidance and healing. Through communication with my deceased (as of five years) mother, Chrissy told me about a "blue book" in my house that my mom wanted me to find. After looking, I was able to find a diary that my mom had written in the year leading up to her death, which brought many smiles and good memories back for both me and my dad. She was also able to speak with and relate to me the general well-being of a cousin who had recently committed suicide. I'm not sure how she is able to do what she does, but her talent and skill in the field is evident, and I have no doubt that she will continue to help and heal many people through her gifts."

Alejandra Z.

"From the moment I sat across from Chrissy, she made me feel like I'd known her for years. She spoke to me in a way that a sister or best friend would, all while giving me insight into my life that I never thought imaginable. She also made me face things about myself that I knew deep down, but was too afraid to face head-on, all while being so positive and supportive. She really brought peace and joy to my heart. I can't wait until I get to sit down with this magical person again. Chrissy is a desert gem."

Topher S. 

"Chrissy has an amazing intuitive gift which she combines with an extensive knowledge and wisdom of human psychology, as well as the nature and effects of trauma. With these tools and a deck of cards, she I able to connect with a deeper level of meaning and purpose. One of the best aspects of working with Chrissy is how transparent she is about her process. Even those who are skeptics by nature will find that she doesn't ask you to passively accept the things she says, but to actively engage in exploring how your personal and familial histories shape and impact your present and future." 

Kelsey V.

"I recently had my first session with Chrissy and I walked away with a greater understanding of what's going on in my life plus a renewed sense of hope. Chrissy is the best friend reassuring you that you're not crazy for feeling the way you do, she just happens to use magic while she does it. She offered me resources for educating myself on spiritual gifts and I really look forward to working with her in the future. If you feel the urge to book with Chrissy, it's no coincidence. Go for it, and enjoy all the gifts she has to offer!"

Terri G.

"I had never done this type of reading before and I'm so glad Chrissy was there to guide me through it. She delivered some amazing insights and some necessary truths in a kind way. I left feeling warm and fuzzy, and processed our session for days afterward, discovering connections with my past and current behavior I hadn't noticed before. Would recommend to a friend in a heartbeat."

Katie D.

"Chrissy is nothing short of magical. I sat down as somewhat of a skeptic and left wholeheartedly believing in her ability to connect and communicate with a  part of myself I didn't know was there. She touched on conflicts I was holding onto and forgiveness I need to grant. Her communication was kind and effective and I am eagerly awaiting my next session. Thank you, Chrissy!"

Janet O.

"Chrissy is amazing at what she does! I did a spontaneous reading with her during my visit to Tucson, Arizona a few months ago. She put me at ease about what I was feeling the minute I sat down with her. She touched upon issues that no one knew about me, issues I didn't even know about myself. I left the session feeling as if someone had lifted the weight of the world off my shoulder. I had more clarity on what problems I needed to tackle in my life with a better understanding that everything I went through wasn't for nothing. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to learn more!"

Julie Ann F.

"Chrissy's insight was instantly accessible and profoundly illuminating. Without providing her any information, she spoke directly to some deep and challenging dynamics that I have been struggling with, and helped me see them in a new light. Her attitude is affirming and empowering, and I can't wait to work with her again." 

Brandon S.

"At a time in my life when I was in desperate need of guidance and direction, Chrissy Tolley was sent to me. She brought light the 'scariest' parts of myself with a softness and buoyancy that made them tangible, relatable, and much less scary. This is where my healing truly began and I was able to shed my past to embrace the fullest potential of my future. Chrissy's readings, interpretations, and advice change as frequently as I do and still shock me in their ever current accuracy, all the while leading me to my greatest self. She has changed my life. Thank you, Chrissy."

Jack D.

"I was so blown away by my first meeting with Chrissy that I tracked her down just a few days later at a local fair in Tucson so my boyfriend could have a mini-session with her. Both he and I were astounded by her gifts, and comforted by her grace and understanding. My father passed away nearly nine years ago and through Chrissy I was able to receive comfort and hear words from him that I thought I’d never get the chance to. I am so beyond thankful to Chrissy for her insight and guidance. She is truly magic."

Aiden A.

"Chrissy's readings are shockingly accurate and truly healing. A few months ago, I went to the doctor after one of Chrissy's angel readings suggested I check in with a professional regarding my health-- Chrissy had no prior knowledge of any issues, but she and the angels immediately honed in on an area where I had privately been experiencing some discomfort. Sure enough, at the doctor's, I was diagnosed with a very real malady and offered treatment. This is Chrissy's magic: she understands that in order to heal, you need to be aware of where you're hurting. She has a way of compassionately bringing to light areas of pain, trauma, and anxiety so that you can understand them and begin the healing process. I've booked in-person and remote consultations for both physical and emotional problems, and every session involves the same how-does-she-do-it prophecy with kindness and wit to boot. Chrissy is an approachable, sensitive healer with a true gift."

Jaimie P. 

"I left my reading with Chrissy feeling light, grounded, and empowered to shake off deeply engrained habits that weren't serving me. From the moment I entered her space I felt calmed and welcomed, and she was incredibly thorough and astute in her observations and recommendations. Chrissy is truly gifted, not only in her keen intuition but also in her ability to meet people exactly where they are and communicate with honesty and grace. Through the angel card reading and Chrissy's insights, I felt seen, understood, and excited to actively engage in my world and create the life I want... Her lighthearted, warm, and compassionate energy is a gift in itself, and she is seriously great at what she does."

Heidi H. 

"I pre-booked a session with Chrissy a few weeks in advance and when it came time for us to meet, I tremendously needed a fresh perspective. She was able to offer raw honesty and guidance in a way that both eased my fears and provided immediate comfort. I'm so grateful to Chrissy, and I can't wait to book my next session."

John S.

"Wow! What an experience with Chrissy. I am a 60 yr-old man who has had his own spiritual experiences as a Born Again Christian so I am or was very skeptical of seeing a Psychic or Medium and to be honest when I did meet them, I would get this feeling inside of me that said "Bad News, get out of there". Well that is not the case with Chrissy. No bad vibes at all but rather a very strong vibe of empathy, caring, wanting to listen and help me. It was really like sitting down with an old friend.  I walked in with my shields up, antenna on full alert, and didn't reveal very much about myself. I was the impostor...not being true to myself or to Chrissy. (Read her blogs) Well regardless of my attempts to have her prove herself to me, she totally nailed all kinds of things about me that have been weighing very heavily on my mind. It was like she was able to see into my soul and talked to me about things that were bothering me and she put me at ease and explained how I could work to resolve some of the issues. And what was really great is she told me I didn't have to quit smoking...now was not the time and I would probably resist it but I could cut how much I smoke in half. LOL...
What I can say is that Chrissy is a true healer and has an ability to see into your core and to help you with issues that you are dealing with. There is no conflict with her and my belief systems as a Christian and I believe that she has a gift to help people. Take a chance and meet with her. I am sure that you will find the true love, empathy, and care that I found radiates from her."

Chelsea C.

"My recent reading with Chrissy wasn't what I expected but definitely what I needed. She was able to tap in to aspects of my life that go deeper than surface level, things that I don't talk to anyone about and helped me work through them. I was so impressed with her ability to make connections, explain things and help guide me. Chrissy truly has a gift and made me feel so safe and hopeful. I hope to have another reading with her in a few months!"

Anablag K.

"It was a surreal, and exciting experience. What gave me goosebumps was the fact that Chrissy started telling me things that only me, my living, or dead relatives know. You can clearly tell by looking at her eyes that she is in contact with some entities only she can feel and communicate with. As a grandkid of a traditional healer, I can feel her healing energy going through my body. I would definitely recommend her."

Gaby D. 

"What struck me most about my reading with Chrissy was my connection with the dead. My reading provided me with a greater understanding of my active relationship with the dead, which ultimately has sparked an awareness that I carry with me in my day-to-day life."

Holly L.

"Chrissy is the real deal! I am always a little skeptical of psychic work, but I'm so glad that I booked a session with her. She was right on and really motivated me to make some changes that I know I need to make in my life. She also sent over some prayers via email for me to do on my own to continue the work that we began during my session. I highly recommend booking a session with Chrissy, you won't regret it!"

Desiree G. 

"Chrissy was amazing! She explained everything in detail and made me feel comfortable from the start. She was very direct, honest, and made me feel at ease during the reading. Our session definitely gave me a new perspective on issues that were bothering me. I can't stress enough how awesome Chrissy is!"

Briana M.

"Chrissy has helped me on multiple occasions in card readings. I was going through a rough time and needed some direction. I was dealing with difficult people in my life, and needed some direction on my career path. Her deep connections to people's emotions gives her the ability to understand what people are going through, and her work with angels and spirits uniquely enables her to give spiritual guidance in a way I have never gotten. Chrissy really cares about people and does everything she can to help. I've always left sessions feeling inspired, understood, and with a new perspective."

Fernando L.

"I met with Chrissy for an ancestor reading and she was very warm and professional as she guided me through the process. It was a new experience for me and I was extremely impressed with her capabilities! Would highly recommend. Thanks again, Chrissy!"